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Kapstones secured a substantial 442 room property, embarking on a journey to transform it into a world-class, full-service resort strategically located less than a mile and a half from the magical realm of Disney World. Anticipated to make its highly anticipated opening in Q2-24, this expansive hotel will feature 337 spacious rooms, including 110 longer term suites with full kitchens, a resort size pool for guests to unwind and relax, and an impressive 15,000 square feet of retail space. As of Q1-24, the comprehensive gut remodel is at an impressive 90% completion, focusing on the fine details, highlighting Kapstones’ commitment to ensuring a truly exceptional stay for every guest. This landmark project marks the second addition to the brand within Kapstones’ portfolio, embodying the brand’s dedication to redefining hospitality and providing guests with an immersive, but affordable blend of luxury, entertainment, and superior service.