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Kapstones Investment Team
Enzo Gagliardi

Founder / Chairman

Self-Made Man with an education stemming from “common sense and life lessons” in the streets of his little French hometown.

Growing up in a financially unstable situation, the unconditional support from his wife and kids gave him the passion to create and continue creating without any limits.

Enzo has decades of experience restructuring bankrupt companies in Europe as well as developing, managing, and owning a significant portfolio of Commercial and Residential Real Estate.

Kapstones Investment Team
Gonzague Dubois

Advisory Board Member

Ex-CEO of Castorama International Group. This company started in 1969 with 1 store in France and had in 2004 several brand names with sales up to 9.5 billions euros and 45,000 employees.

After the resale of Castorama to Kingfisher in 2002, he became active in office and retail development projects. Today, he leads one of the largest privately held development group in Northern Europe.

Kapstones Investment Team
Georges Desvaux

Advisory Board Member

Georges Desvaux is Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer of AXA (145,000 Employees) and part of AXA’s Management Committee.

Georges Desvaux graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and holds a M.S. in Mech. Engineering from MIT.

He joined McKinsey in 1988, after four years in sales at an industrial manufacturer. He worked in Beijing from 1999 to 2006, and Paris from 2006 to 2011. From 2011 to 2015, he was the Managing Partner for Japan for McKinsey & Company and, from 2016 to 2018, the Managing Partner for Africa.

Kapstones Investment Team
Marcel Lignon

Advisory Board Member

Marcel Lignon is the Co-founder of  “Actif+” later known as “Akerys Promotion”.

His company built ten’s of thousands of lodging programs per year in France before selling to NatixisDeutsche Bank, and QUALIS.

A true entrepreneur, Mr. Lignon has invested in multiple innovative industries as well as high-end real estate in St Barth and Florida. 

Kapstones Investment Team
Paul Dubrule

Advisory Board Member

French businessman, politician, and philanthropist.

He co-founded AccorHotels in 1967 which today has approximately 570,000 hotel rooms and 250,000 employees in 100 countries. 

He also served as a member of the French Senate from 1999 to 2004

Kapstones Investment Team

Obsessed with reading his father’s work emails since age 12 and trying to turn every summer into a new business, Marc has never left a stone unturned in his quest to grow and learn as an Entrepreneur. 

After multiple successful ventures in the automobile industry and online real estate sector, Marc and his father decided to join forces and create Kapstones Holding. 

Exterior View Of Kapstone Office Building